This Week In Baseball: Power Trip

Baseball in the early to late 1980’s will always be my favorite MLB era because that’s when I became obsessed with the game.  The game still had the last vestiges of old school grit then.  The players still had the last vestiges of old school grit then.

Will Clark is my all-time favorite player.  He became my favorite player during his rookie season with the Giants in 1986 when he hit a homer off Nolan Ryan in his first major league at bat.  The Giants lost 100 games the season before, and Clark’s clutch plays and his don’t give a shit attitude was the personification of the team’s rebirth in ’86. This is one of my favorite Will Clark moments from 1988 in St. Louis:

Clark took on 4 Cardinals by himself before the benches cleared.  Don’t take no shit in The Pit! That’s what I meant that the game and players had the last vestiges of old school grit in then.  It’s also a time machine to see footage from old Busch Stadium when games were played on that vintage astroturf.  By all accounts it was like playing on concrete covered by a thin carpet and in the Summer it was like playing on a blazing hot stove.

Anyway, the Dallas band Power Trip give me the same feeling as when I watch old footage of 80’s baseball.  Gritty with a retro swagger and willing to throw punches before thinking about the consequences.

Power Trip are currently on tour in the U.S. and their new album, Nightmare Logic, on Southern Lord rules.   It’s hard ‘n heavy… like Ozzie Smith getting punched in the face.. over and over again.


Bye Bye Baby

I’ve been a San Francisco Giants fan since I was 5 years old.  I got it from my Dad who has been a Giants fan since they moved to S.F. in 1958.  When my sister and I were little he would record us on his reel-to-reel recorder.  Somewhere at my parents’ house there exists a recording of my very young self saying “Bye Bye Baby!” which was what Giants broadcaster Russ Hodges would say when the Giants hit a home run back in The Day.

As Spring Training starts every year, I remind myself of this as I mentally prepare for the grind that being a baseball fan is over the next 6-7 months.  I remind myself that somewhere in my head I’m still that 5-year old kid and not to forget that sense of innocence no matter how frustrating the upcoming season gets.

Baseball über alles!  Only 14 days ’til Opening Day, mofos!

Thanks to Rich for getting this baseball geek thing off the ground.

Chuck Berry… Baseball..

Peace in Rest, Chuck Berry.

“Two, three count with nobody on
He hit a high fly into the stand
Rounding 3rd he was headed for home
It was a brown eyed handsome man that won the game
It was a brown eyed handsome man”

Obviously, we can overlook the “2-3” count in the lyrics ’cause it’s a great song…

This kid is going to be huge. 

Carrot top no more.
For the past 5 years not living on the east coast and watching Yankees games. I’ve never been more excited for what the season can bring. Especially due to the teams farm system that has so many gems. 
Rated # 3 in MLB. Thier system is chocked to the brim with talent. But this one kid is going to be special. 

Since the trade in the middle of the season last year. Of my wife’s favorite player. (She will drop what she’s doing and watch Andrew Miller pitch and get out of an inning. Then go back doing what she’s doing. ) You knew he was going to be an amazing player. 

But cutting his hair and being part of the tradition is just Huge. You know he wants to be here and he’s here for a reason. When it’s his time he’ll show the world. 

Now batting……

Fine. I started it. Something I can ramble on about baseball. It’s going to be fun.I want everyone to take part writing reports on their team. If you want contact me. I watch a lot of baseball and I know you do let’s make something of it.