This Week In Baseball: Chin Music

Does anybody remember the ‘zine Chin Music!?  Published between 1997 and 2004 outta The Bay Area it was the quintessential crossover ‘zine between punk rock and baseball.  The ‘zine was done by a team of writers who had a deep knowledge of baseball and baseball history as well as a great sense of humor.  Note the cover of their “New York Issue”.

chin music

Aside from the standard fanzine band interviews and record reviews section, every issue also  focused on baseball stories or baseball stories involving bands.  Some of my personal favorite Chin Music! features were:

  • Billy Bean interviews Johnny Ramone.
  • An interview with metal drummer Mike Piazza where he recounts jamming with Motörhead.
  • A Gwar Meets the Oakland  A’s photo essay where the band attended a game in full costume.
  • MaximumRockNRoll’s Tim Yohannan details his hatred of the Yankees going back to his childhood.
  • A history of the mustaches of closing pitchers in the 80’s.
  • An extensive interview with Dock Ellis.

This list doesn’t do justice to the greatness of Chin Music!.  Every issue was densely packed with a variety of all things baseball and music.  Sadly only 7 issues were published in the 7 years it existed and no website archive seems to exist for its content.

Look for old issues online (aka Ebay) I guess.  As with most ‘zines from the late 20th Century, Chin Music! is a profound time capsule to a simpler time when you could still slide hard into 2nd and the catcher could block the plate.


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