This kid is going to be huge. 

Carrot top no more.
For the past 5 years not living on the east coast and watching Yankees games. I’ve never been more excited for what the season can bring. Especially due to the teams farm system that has so many gems. 
Rated # 3 in MLB. Thier system is chocked to the brim with talent. But this one kid is going to be special. 

Since the trade in the middle of the season last year. Of my wife’s favorite player. (She will drop what she’s doing and watch Andrew Miller pitch and get out of an inning. Then go back doing what she’s doing. ) You knew he was going to be an amazing player. 

But cutting his hair and being part of the tradition is just Huge. You know he wants to be here and he’s here for a reason. When it’s his time he’ll show the world. 


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